About us

At Faraway Books, we love reading.

Our team is made up of passionate readers who have been bookworms from an early age. We all fell in love with reading as young kids and we’re eternally grateful to our parents to introducing us to the magic of reading.

We want to help grow a generation of readers, to help kids develop their minds and imaginations, to learn more about the world around them and discover the wonder and joy that reading brings.

We strongly believe that reading helps kids develop into worldly, self-aware, intelligent and empathetic adults, and that the more kids who become readers today, the better the world will be tomorrow.

We know that parents want to encourage their kids to read, but that it can be hard to find the time to stay up to date with the best new books and keep their children's bookcases stocked.

We also know that friends and family who want to buy books for kids as gifts can have a hard time knowing which books to buy.

That’s where we come in.

We know how to choose books that people love

Faraway Books was created by the team behind the successful personalised book subscription service for adults, Bionic Book Subscription. Our focus and expertise is on learning what people like and individually selecting books they’ll love.

With Faraway Books, we're turning our attention to younger readers, with a personalised service where books are individually selected based on a child’s age, reading level and interests - not one-size-fits-all selections.

We want your little readers to be out at the front gate every month, searching for the post truck, waiting for their very own gift-wrapped parcel to rip apart so they can dive into their next adventure.

We’ll take them on wild journeys of wonder and imagination, to strange and exciting lands with amazing, brave and hilarious new friends. And every month, the adventure begins again.

Give the gift of reading.

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