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What kind of books will you send out?

Our book selections are personalised to the child's age, reading level and interests. We send out a mix of new releases and lesser known gems from the past few years. Roughy, we send out two new release books for every one book from the last few years.

When will the books be sent out?

We send books out for our subscribers twice-monthly, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Book bundles are sent out twice-weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays. See the Delivery & returns page for more details.

What happens if a child is sent a book they already own?

If a Faraway Subscriber is sent a book they already own, they can return it for a replacement book for free. We provide free return postage. See the Delivery & returns page for more details.

I am buying a Faraway Books subscription as a gift and would like to personally deliver the first book of the subscription to the child, is this possible?

Yes, there is an option included in the questionnaire for prepaid/gift subscriptions to request the first book be delivered to you and subsequent books in the subscription delivered to the child.

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